Hacking Rhetoric

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lailara Day One

Hello! My name is Lara. (It can be pronounced like “lar-uh,” or simply “laura” – either one works.) I am currently a third year Nutritional Sciences /Pre-Pharmacy major.

When I think of hacking, I imagine someone sitting in a dark room behind a computer screen toggling codes, scripts and navigating cyber networks, trying to gain some sort of unauthorized access. It always seemed like it deviated way out of my skills set and something I’d never have a reason to do. Between hacking into someone’s Twitter account or hacking into government agencies, it is apparent how hacking serves a purpose on so many different levels. The amount of technology we have today allows hacking to be extremely relevant to our generation. I’ve seen in recent news about a hacking group, the Syrian Electric Army, who seek to spread the truth about Syria and I thought to myself – it’s crazy how this anonymous group can have the power to shift the actions of so many people. I’ve never really thought about hacking in terms of rhetoric and persuasion, but I am curious to learn and analyze more about the influences hackers have on the public.

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TomLam93 Day One

Hey guys!  My name is Tommy and I am currently a junior majoring in economics.

Browsing through the course schedule last semester, I was in search of a class that would fulfill a writing flag as well as one that wouldn’t bore me to sleep.  Luckily for me I happened upon this course, which seemed to be an interesting topic to discuss, learn, and analyze.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to know more about hacking in our ever-advancing technological world?  Hacking, to me, is basically making something perform a duty that it wasn’t able to before.  For example, I often frequent LifeHacker.com to read their tips on how to shortcut through trivial tasks and make my life a bit easier.  The blog provides a vast range of advice from how to hack binder clips to how to get a better night of rest.  Other than that I, probably like many others, typically think of hackers as trolls who steal passwords and send viruses to unsuspecting users.

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Lightningki Day One

Hi everyone! My name is Lauren, and I’m currently a senior as a pre-nursing major. After completing my prerequisites and waiting for one year, I finally will be attending nursing school next semester.

Cruising through various topics for RHE 309K, hacking was a subject that caught my eye over fantasy and revolution.  When I think about the word “hacking”, I automatically think about web hacking where people can get access to others’ personal information. I had no idea that hacking can be used in different terms other than the web until the first day of class. After taking a computer science class in high school, I know that people write codes and format them into a program to retrieve access to what they want including bank accounts, addresses, and identity theft. My email account had been hacked twice despite setting difficult passwords, and emails with suspicious links were sent out in my name to everyone I have contacted over the years. Those contacts included supervisors, college advisors, TAs, and professors whose email addresses I did not save. Despite seeing the term “hacking” in a dark way, I realize that there are hackers that are hired by companies to strengthen their security systems to prevent others from getting access.  It is a little hard to imagine them in a positive aspect after reading news about them accessing web cameras, bank accounts, U.S. confidential files, and etc. for their own greediness and pleasure. I hope to gain a better understanding about this topic through this class because I know it is an important subject in this society now with the easy access to the Internet for everyone including little children. It seems like smart phones are being developed to get people of all ages to obtain one.

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Taniajoakim Day one

Hello everyone! I am Tania and I am a third year biology major in the pre-pharmacy program and hoping to attend a Texas pharmacy school.

I am interested in this class because internet and technology are so widely used that the concept of hacking is becoming more and more relevant in our society.  When I think of the word “hacking,” I generally think of someone gaining illegal access to other people’s online profiles or accounts.  I picture some man with a beard sitting at a computer typing in a series of complicated codes to get passed another person’s username and password security.  When I think of the word ‘hack’ I also think about ‘life hacks’ which are little tricks or pieces of advice that make our lives simpler.  Although my computers or accounts have never been hacked by a ‘hacker’, I do enjoy looking at blogs, articles and YouTube videos about simple life hacks that make daily tasks (organizing wires, peeling fruit, etc) much easier.  The main source that I have gained information about hacking from is the televised news.  I’ve heard many news stories on hackers gaining access to anything from bank accounts  to baby monitors.  When news reporters interview the victims of these hacks they always make me feel sympathy for the victims because I imagine myself in the victim’s situation.  From the news reports that I’ve seen, I view computer hackers as criminals and invaders of privacy, but I would really love to learn more about them and their reasons for hacking as well as the rhetoric involved with hacking.

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Changes to office hours

My schedule has changed, so I’ve had to adjust my office hours.

The new times are as follows:

Mondays — 2:30-4:30pm

Tuesdays — 12:30-2:30pm

If you can’t meet with me at those times, please feel free to get in touch to figure out a mutually convenient time to meet.

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t3tank Day One

Hello all!  My name is Tim, I am currently a senior in the awesome major of Government who will be (hopefully) graduating at the end of this semester.  I wanted to take this class because like Beck said it was the first time I’ve ever seen any class that had anything to do with hacking.  Though I am very computer illiterate, I hope to be able to take some skills away as I enter the job force.

I am a Navy veteran with two separate deployments under my belt.  My job mainly revolved around mission planning and naval operations.  Even though they sound like technology heavy jobs, they weren’t.  When I think of the word “hacking” or what constitutes a “hacker” I think of my friends who I served with who did all that techno stuff behind close doors.  I was extremely impressed in the ability of being able to essentially do what you desired once you figure out the code/pattern.  All of which was to me very cool!  Because of my desire to work in the federal law enforcement field, I feel that I need some background in what is now being constituted as the new tool/weapon of the modern age.  From what I have seen and heard, the concept of hacking has been around for quite some time but the United States is still very new in the field.  I want to be able to understand it and how it serves the purpose of the hacker, since we live in a very electronic age I know it will be apart of my life whether I understand it or not.

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Day One Writing Assignment

We’re going to start the semester with a short, no-pressure writing assignment, designed to get you accustomed to some of the tools we’re using and thinking about the issues the course will raise. It’s also an opportunity for you to establish a baseline for your progress over the semester.

Without further ado — your instructions:

1. Get set up on the course site as an author (I will add you) and start a new post. Categorise your post as ‘Day One’. (This relates to the course strand ‘Digital Literacy’ and can be measured as ‘confidence & independence’ or ‘prior and emerging experience’.)

2. Write a quick sentence introducing yourself — your preferred name and pronouns, your major, where you’re at in your college career and anything else you want to share.

3. Free-write, or write a brief one-paragraph reflection (full sentences) on your ideas about hacking. (Relates to ‘Composition’ and ‘reflection’.)

Some prompts to get you started, but don’t feel bound by these:

– What does ‘hacking’ mean to you?

– What kinds of images come to mind when you think about ‘hacking’ or ‘hackers’?

– Where have you encountered the idea of ‘hacking’ and ‘hackers’ in the past?

– How have those texts shaped your ideas about ‘hacking’ and ‘hackers’?

In working on this at home, know that this is a no-pressure situation. The piece should take you about 15 minutes, max, to put together (you can spend longer if you want, but it’s not required) — think first impressions. It isn’t a formal piece of writing or high-stakes.

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First Learning Record Reflection

Your first critical piece of work for this course is your initial Learning Record reflection.

In this piece of work, you should reflect on your own development as a reader, writer, speaker and listener (communicator in general), as well as in relation to the Course Strands.

Some questions you might use as a jumping-off point (but don’t feel bound by these):

What are your strengths and weaknesses? Where are you today as a communicator? How did you get there? What milestones can you identify in your development as a communicator?

This piece establishes a baseline to which you can refer as you monitor your progress over the semester. It helps you to think about how you learn best and begin to build a plan for success. And it’s an opportunity for you to let me know about anything I can do to help you succeed.

Please save your reflection as a Word document (.doc extension) and bring it to class on Wednesday, September 4, either on a USB key or by emailing it to yourself or storing it in the cloud.