Hacking Rhetoric

t3tank Day One

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Hello all!  My name is Tim, I am currently a senior in the awesome major of Government who will be (hopefully) graduating at the end of this semester.  I wanted to take this class because like Beck said it was the first time I’ve ever seen any class that had anything to do with hacking.  Though I am very computer illiterate, I hope to be able to take some skills away as I enter the job force.

I am a Navy veteran with two separate deployments under my belt.  My job mainly revolved around mission planning and naval operations.  Even though they sound like technology heavy jobs, they weren’t.  When I think of the word “hacking” or what constitutes a “hacker” I think of my friends who I served with who did all that techno stuff behind close doors.  I was extremely impressed in the ability of being able to essentially do what you desired once you figure out the code/pattern.  All of which was to me very cool!  Because of my desire to work in the federal law enforcement field, I feel that I need some background in what is now being constituted as the new tool/weapon of the modern age.  From what I have seen and heard, the concept of hacking has been around for quite some time but the United States is still very new in the field.  I want to be able to understand it and how it serves the purpose of the hacker, since we live in a very electronic age I know it will be apart of my life whether I understand it or not.


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