Hacking Rhetoric

Taniajoakim Day one

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Hello everyone! I am Tania and I am a third year biology major in the pre-pharmacy program and hoping to attend a Texas pharmacy school.

I am interested in this class because internet and technology are so widely used that the concept of hacking is becoming more and more relevant in our society.  When I think of the word “hacking,” I generally think of someone gaining illegal access to other people’s online profiles or accounts.  I picture some man with a beard sitting at a computer typing in a series of complicated codes to get passed another person’s username and password security.  When I think of the word ‘hack’ I also think about ‘life hacks’ which are little tricks or pieces of advice that make our lives simpler.  Although my computers or accounts have never been hacked by a ‘hacker’, I do enjoy looking at blogs, articles and YouTube videos about simple life hacks that make daily tasks (organizing wires, peeling fruit, etc) much easier.  The main source that I have gained information about hacking from is the televised news.  I’ve heard many news stories on hackers gaining access to anything from bank accounts  to baby monitors.  When news reporters interview the victims of these hacks they always make me feel sympathy for the victims because I imagine myself in the victim’s situation.  From the news reports that I’ve seen, I view computer hackers as criminals and invaders of privacy, but I would really love to learn more about them and their reasons for hacking as well as the rhetoric involved with hacking.


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