Hacking Rhetoric

TomLam93 Day One

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Hey guys!  My name is Tommy and I am currently a junior majoring in economics.

Browsing through the course schedule last semester, I was in search of a class that would fulfill a writing flag as well as one that wouldn’t bore me to sleep.  Luckily for me I happened upon this course, which seemed to be an interesting topic to discuss, learn, and analyze.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to know more about hacking in our ever-advancing technological world?  Hacking, to me, is basically making something perform a duty that it wasn’t able to before.  For example, I often frequent LifeHacker.com to read their tips on how to shortcut through trivial tasks and make my life a bit easier.  The blog provides a vast range of advice from how to hack binder clips to how to get a better night of rest.  Other than that I, probably like many others, typically think of hackers as trolls who steal passwords and send viruses to unsuspecting users.


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