Hacking Rhetoric

Lightningki Day One

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Hi everyone! My name is Lauren, and I’m currently a senior as a pre-nursing major. After completing my prerequisites and waiting for one year, I finally will be attending nursing school next semester.

Cruising through various topics for RHE 309K, hacking was a subject that caught my eye over fantasy and revolution.  When I think about the word “hacking”, I automatically think about web hacking where people can get access to others’ personal information. I had no idea that hacking can be used in different terms other than the web until the first day of class. After taking a computer science class in high school, I know that people write codes and format them into a program to retrieve access to what they want including bank accounts, addresses, and identity theft. My email account had been hacked twice despite setting difficult passwords, and emails with suspicious links were sent out in my name to everyone I have contacted over the years. Those contacts included supervisors, college advisors, TAs, and professors whose email addresses I did not save. Despite seeing the term “hacking” in a dark way, I realize that there are hackers that are hired by companies to strengthen their security systems to prevent others from getting access.  It is a little hard to imagine them in a positive aspect after reading news about them accessing web cameras, bank accounts, U.S. confidential files, and etc. for their own greediness and pleasure. I hope to gain a better understanding about this topic through this class because I know it is an important subject in this society now with the easy access to the Internet for everyone including little children. It seems like smart phones are being developed to get people of all ages to obtain one.


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