Hacking Rhetoric

lailara Day One

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Hello! My name is Lara. (It can be pronounced like “lar-uh,” or simply “laura” – either one works.) I am currently a third year Nutritional Sciences /Pre-Pharmacy major.

When I think of hacking, I imagine someone sitting in a dark room behind a computer screen toggling codes, scripts and navigating cyber networks, trying to gain some sort of unauthorized access. It always seemed like it deviated way out of my skills set and something I’d never have a reason to do. Between hacking into someone’s Twitter account or hacking into government agencies, it is apparent how hacking serves a purpose on so many different levels. The amount of technology we have today allows hacking to be extremely relevant to our generation. I’ve seen in recent news about a hacking group, the Syrian Electric Army, who seek to spread the truth about Syria and I thought to myself – it’s crazy how this anonymous group can have the power to shift the actions of so many people. I’ve never really thought about hacking in terms of rhetoric and persuasion, but I am curious to learn and analyze more about the influences hackers have on the public.


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