Hacking Rhetoric

Day 1 Meagan M

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My name is Meagan Milligan and I am a senior studying communication science and disorders. I am from San Antonio, TX. 

When I think of hacking, I generally imagine a male dressed in dark clothes and a hoodie, sitting in a dark room trying to hack into an online database to obtain illegal documents and/or financial gain. I have zero experience with hacking myself and it amazes me that people have the knowledge and skills to pull hacking off. I have read many articles and seen various segments on the news regarding hacking. These instances ranging from webcam and cell phone hacking of celebrities, all the way to more advance hackers breaking through the security of Sony and shutting down the playstation network for millions of frequent users. I have always thought poorly of hackers, despite their smarts, because I have always considered it an enormous invasion of privacy. However, people are getting smarter everyday and technology obviously plays a tremendous role in our everyday society. I have no idea what to expect out of this class when it comes to hacking because I have only heard the negative consequences of this lifestyle. However, after attending the first day of class and learning that hacking isn’t just for computer science majors, I am curious to learn more about why hackers do what they do.


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