Hacking Rhetoric

Sammy R. Day One

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Hi, my name is Samantha Rodriguez from Laredo, TX, and I like being called Sammy. I am a junior and a communication science and disorders major.

When I think of hacking, I think of a teenage boy in his room trying to hack a girl’s webcam. The first time i saw the name of this class, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I am not a computer wiz of any kind. Thinking about hackers, I am amazed at their knowledge and skills with computers. The way they can just hack accounts or websites blows my mind. I have never known a hacker. I wouldn’t know what a hacker looks like. The only experience I’ve had with hacking is when someone hacked my hotmail account. That made me feel so helpless and a little scared. When I think of hacking, the words that come to mind are: secret knowledge and technological power. I am so excited to learn more about hackers, the life style of hacking, what inspires it, and how it all works.



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