Hacking Rhetoric

Shimu Day One

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Hi everyone! My name is Shimu Wang, from China, and I’m currently a junior in sports management. Last semester i had a rhetoric class about the Filter Bubble which i found very interesting, so i chose this class in fall (Also i need a class with writing flag). 

When talking about hacking, the first image that comes to my mind is some spies wearing black tights and dark sunglasses working on a gigantic computer of a bank system. This might be very hilarious because it sounds more like a movie scenes more than real life hacking. To be honest, i think hacking is bad because it means either taking control of others’ property or breaking the rules. Me and my friends have suffered from accounts being hacked and lots of consequent troubles. However, not everything i learned about hacking are bad. I have once read from newspaper that hackers from U.S and China decided to complete their hacking skill with each other by hacking other’s embassy websites. As far as i remember, Chinese hackers change the U.S national flag into a Chinese national flag, and added the Chinese national song as background music onto the U.S embassy website. I found it very interesting. Overall I’m curious about hacking and i wish to learn more about hacking from this class.


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