Hacking Rhetoric

Hayley Gruwer Day One

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Hi, My name is Hayley Gruwer, and I am from Memphis, Tennessee. I am currently a junior. I am a Communication Studies major, and I am completing the Business Foundations Certificate program.

Before attending the first day of class, I had always assumed hacking had to do with something illegal. I associated hacking with trespassing, invading someone’s personal belongings, and intruding on private, government information. When I think about a hacker, I think about someone who is very intelligent looking, sitting on a computer, trying to crack codes and passwords. My idea of a hacker comes from television. I have never personally met a hacker, but when I watch shows such as Homeland and Scandal; it puts images in my head of what a hacker looks like and what he or she does. This ideas I have had of a hacker have caused me to think hacking is a negative thing, used to disrespect someone else’s privacy. I am excited to learn about what hacking truly is about during Hacking Rhetoric!


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