Hacking Rhetoric

Day One MinChul Han

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Hello everyone! I am Min and I am a senior majoring Radio, Television & Film in the School of Communication. My full first name is actually Min Chul but nobody tends to pronounce “Chul” correctly so I usually go with Min most of the times.

Hacking did not mean a lot to me until this time where now I am enrolled in a course called Hacking Rhetoric for a semester. I did not have any knowledge in hacking and also did not expect this word to become relevant to me ever in my life. All I know about hacking is the general definition for the diction itself which is used to describe the act of stealing others’ ideas or knowledge without letting the owners know. From this definition, it is easy to say that hacking is an unethical act and hackers are to be called criminals in my standard. The image of hacking in my mind is very negative. Most often, I encounter the word from the TV news reporting that some hacker groups have attacked the government or some institutions to paralyze their functions in the society. Living in a world with such news reports coming up frequently, I believe that this is the source for shaping my ideas about hacking and hackers until now.


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