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Sean Draper Day One

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As a long time black-hat hacker, I have had substantial first-hand experience with hacking throughout the years. Stealing credit card information has allowed me to live a very luxurious lifestyle while paying my entire college tuition from others’ bank accounts. While some may view these actions as “evil”, I would contend that it is the fault of the institutions that allowed me to gain access to this information that are at fault. One does not blame water for being wet, banks for being profit-hungry amoral usurers, nor dogs for crapping in your lawn. In each case, it is simply the nature of the system that these actors perform as they do. Do not blame the hacker, blame the system that allows him to exist.

NOTE: This post is not the work of Sean, but rather of Damon, who has surreptitiously hacked into his blog account! The original author’s post is contained below in the comments.


One thought on “Sean Draper Day One

  1. Hi my name is Sean Draper and I’m a senior from Dallas. I’m a Management Information Systems major graduating in December.

    I don’t necessarily have any first hand experience with hacking (other than a few family members getting credit card info stolen throughout the years), but I stay up to date on technology news so I hear about hacking every once in a while. I’ve come to my own deductions that hacking is a necessary evil that must be contained but not eliminated. From my perspective hacking can potentially eliminate the invisible iron curtain barring us from knowing important truths about our status as an individual, country, and civilization (aka wikileaks). But hacking can also be evil, and in the wrong hands, with the wrong intentions it can do serious damage to individual’s lives. Hopefully this class will clarify the imaginary medium between hacking liberating while not harming.

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