Hacking Rhetoric

Red Post – Sept 8

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I can understand how the perception of hackers was very innocent back in the day when the TX-0 computer was first invented. Hackers were meant to modify or invent. While reading the chapter, I could feel the excitement when the text described the freedom and the amount of fun involved in creating new programs to let everyone in the world benefit from them. There was a sense of equality and teamwork. They created programs, and allowed anyone to access them to improve the quality. There was no sense of personal gain/ownership or secrecy. I can see from their perspective when IBM came into the scene, it felt like they were being constrained by rules and regulations they did not want. Looking at this from another perspective though, the term “hacking” has definitely changed today. The word “hackers” did not have a negative connotation in the 1950s and 60s. However, nowadays people mostly view them from a dark perspective because of the negative influence from media. So in many cases, I believe there was a need for regulation in handling situations that slandered hacking to make people who did not understand the world of computers comfortable. In a sense, they were right about the world when they created their programs. I believe that everyone in our society today is a beneficiary and has gained something from using these computers. It is an electronic that is being used in our daily lives now, and I am sure that not being able to use it for even a day or longer make people feel like something is missing. On a side note, I had fun hearing everyone’s truths and lies last Wednesday. Many stories were hilarious, and the concept of hacking became clearer to me thanks to people’s input.


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