Hacking Rhetoric

Blue-Sammy Rodriguez Weekly blog #1


While reading levy, something that really stood out to me was the hacker ethic. “access to computers- and anything that might teach you something about the way the world works- should be unlimited and total. always yield to the hands on imperative.” It’s interesting to compare this to the common stereotype put on hackers. A common stereotype of hackers is that they are bad, always stealing someone’s information ,or spying on a person’s private life. People place this negative connotation on hackers, yet the hacker ethic is based towards learning something about how the world works. The hacker mindset is going out there to search for problems that need fixing to learn new things or possibly even coming up with something new and better. In the reading they even used an example of fixing traffic lights, so the job of hacking doesn’t stop at just computers.
I feel like the attitude of a hacker is so outgoing and as weird as it may seem to say, more people should have the mindset of a hacker. Imagine if everyone in this world went out to look for something that was broken or needed fixing and worked to make it better and more efficient. If everyone just went for it and did not care about who stood in the way. Hackers make no excuse to fix something that they have their eye on. This world would be a pretty darn efficient place to live.

2 thoughts on “Blue-Sammy Rodriguez Weekly blog #1

  1. Wow. That’s such a cool way of thinking about hacking. I totally agree with you. I think the label “hacker” has gotten such a bad rap that nothing will ever change the way society views these people. Maybe evolving the name will change peoples’ attitudes.

  2. I also find the hacker ethic to be intriguing. But, I remember the professor saying that the article is a bit dated and wonder if the ethic has changed with the times. Do all hackers still abide by this principle? Considering how much technology has advanced since this article was published, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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