Hacking Rhetoric

Blue Team Cayla Sher Week 1


After Reading “CALM DOWN: The NSA Hasn’t ‘Cracked’ Basic Internet Encryption” today in class I learned three important things. That the public cannot trust the people example government officials in charge. There is a difference between cracking and exploiting, and lastly, how safe our internet data really is. Already from only three classes  in Hacking Rhetoric I feel more comfortable with the term “hacking”. It is also really special and interesting that we have a professional hacker in the class. Even though it kind of scares me what he had to share so far. I’m looking forward to learning more and more about Hacking Rhetoric and maybe even becoming a professional hacker myself!


3 thoughts on “Blue Team Cayla Sher Week 1

  1. My opinion has also drastically changed in the few meetings we have had. I now have a much more positive connotation when hearing the work ‘hack’ as well.

  2. I agree with your opinions! I have started to learn many new things from this class about hacking, and I also think it is cool to have firsthand hacking experience in our class. I really enjoyed the article from class that we read on Monday as well. It is interesting to learn about the NSA.

  3. I really agree with what you said. I have learned many new concepts about “hacking” during our three meetings in class so far. The “CALM DOWN: The NSA Hasn’t ‘Cracked’ Basic Internet Encryption” paper gave a solid knowledge about what is actually happening.

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