Hacking Rhetoric

Blue Team-Hayley Gruwer


Literally two days before our first rhetoric class, I saw the video http://www.takethislollipop.com/.  This video shows a creepy looking many with dirty finger nails hacking into your FaceBook.  Once he is on your FaceBook account he can access your photos, statuses, and your location.  He then proceeds to “drive to Austin” with your picture on his car.  This made my first perception of hacking seem dangerous and negative.  However, after a few classes of Hacking Rhetoric, as well as several of the assigned readings, I’ve begun to learn that the video I watched doesn’t demonstrate what hacking is really about.  I learned the difference between the white hat, grey hat, and black hat hackers and what they do.  I never knew there were different kinds.  I also learned that hacking can be really useful because it allows for people to solve problems, create new programs, and learn how to use coding methods.  I learned from other people’s perceptions on hacking that it was a way more common thing than I had originally believe.  It is great to have an experienced hacker in our class, who can help to explain first-hand what hacking is really about.  Even though we just started, I know there is so much more to learn about hacking, and I’m excited to get more informed!

4 thoughts on “Blue Team-Hayley Gruwer

  1. I remember when you told us about this in class, I was like freaking out! It is cool to learn the real truth and different ways of hacking and the different types of hackers.

  2. Woah! I just watched the video and it is really freaky! So true about learning in class about what hacking actually is.

  3. Wow, you were right, this is totally creepy! It’s crazy how people are this intelligent and can come up with crazy stuff like this for fun!

  4. I find it really creepy how much information people can learn about you just by browsing through your Facebook! It makes me wonder how much personal information strangers can get about you even if your account is set to private.

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