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In regards to the article we read about in class today, I put it upon myself to learn more about how to protect one’s identity from the NSA.  In essence, the National Security Agency (NSA) is spying on individuals through their phone and Internet records.  Enraged with this lack of privacy, many citizens began to lose trust in the government and some even began to research on how to reprivatize their lives.  With this new ambition, The Onion Router (TOR) was created.

Tor is a software that allows one to browse the internet in an anonymous state, perfect for confidential users against the ideals of NSA.  Basically, how Tor works is that it reroutes the user’s web traffic through many computers, who also have Tor downloaded, so that the client’s tracks cannot be traced back to a single entity.  Sounds great, right?  Before you go and download this seemingly fabulous program, be aware that it does have some drawbacks.  First, one is only safe if there are multiple computers on the network to relay traffic through.  Second, Tor sorely lacks in performance.  Since the user’s Internet traffic is routed through many other clients, it is not unusual to see a bit of a lag.



2 thoughts on “Tommy’s Weekly Blog

  1. That’s actually really cool! I have never heard about a program like that before. I wonder how long it will be until the NSA figures out what people are doing and tries to create a counter-program…

  2. I think the NSA will come up with something that can overcome the program very soon. Although it is very cool to confuse the tracking by weaving it around with other computers in use, I think it will pretty much slow down the performance very drastically and thus I don’t think the program will be effective in everyday use.

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