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speaking of hacking, one of my email account was hacked recently. The hacker sent message to all my friends requesting 200 yuan (Chinese currency) because “I” was a bit short. Unfortunately one of my best friends in China fell into this trap and transfer his money to a bank account that wasn’t even under my name. I learned this story when he call me at midnight (it was about noon in China) asking me to give him his money back. I froze for 10 second and after some serious talk we figured out my account was hacked. Ironically, my friend knew i was studying abroad and i ended up died laughing at him.

well enough story for the hacking, I’ve been thinking are these account hackers real hackers? As far as i know, some of these people doesn’t even have superior computer skills to most of us because they just need to run some hacking programs that written by real hackers. I believe they are rather some experts in deceiving. However, I realize if I define hackers as some one super awesome at computer skills, what is the difference between hackers and the programmers who work for companies?

Honestly hackers are bad people to me. Partially because I’m a completely newbie in computer skills, partially my previous educations taught me all hacking activities are bad. But Levy’s book changed my concept about hacker. From what I have read, I learned there is something like a hacking spirit that drive hackers to excel higher level of skills. However, I’m still confused that what are hackers?


5 thoughts on “Woody Weekly Blog

  1. Wow, that story about your internet being hacked is pretty crazy. I never think that hacking happens to people, but I’m starting to learn it happens way more often than I thought! I agree with being confused still with hackers. I’m starting to learn more everyday, but I keep asking myself what exactly hackers do.

  2. Hayley, KEEP ASKING YOURSELF THAT! I honestly don’t know if we’ll get — or even want to get — to “an answer” to the question.

  3. This was one of the first articles I ever encountered on hackers – http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/hacker-howto.html#what_is It is written by a self-proclaimed hacker and gives some insight into a dimension of ‘hacking’ that is often overlooked by the media

  4. When I hear stories like this it makes me think of the difference between a Script Kiddie and a Hacker. I feel like this is the case of a Script Kiddie, someone who doesn’t really know what they are doing except how to use a few tools. I think this because if you get access to someone’s account, you don’t go obviously flaunting that you have hacked the account and extorting for money, 99% of people would ignore that email asking for money, he’s lucky he even got one person to respond. I think a real hacker would be more creative about what he does once he has access to your email.

  5. I’ve encountered a similar e-mail hacking situation where my sister got an e-mail from her friend, Jill, asking for a donation to help her family in paying for her grandmother’s hospital bill in another country. This hacker seemed experienced and as if they had gone through Jill’s e-mails and learned a little bit about the relationship between her and my sister. The e-mail referenced previous meetings and memories they had shared so naturally, my sister believed it. The next day, she called Jill to inquire more about what was going on and found out that Jill had been locked out of her e-mail accounts and was getting many similar phone calls. Thankfully, my sister did not get scammed, but it is crazy to see how up-close and personal a stranger can get when they have access to someone’s e-mail account.

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