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Blue-Sammy R. Weekly Blog post #2

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I really liked the reading about the” Hacker School Experience”.  A school for learning about programming and being surrounded by people with as much passion about it as you is real cool. The way Hacker school is set up is very interesting and different. For example, I liked how there are no grades or assignments involved. It is all about just learning new things and helping others in any way you can. Cannon notes, “At Hacker School, I experimented with distributed programming, delved into functional languages, wrote a JavaScript Interpreter, played around with graph algorithms and more.” The collaborative aspect of it seems great. Like Cannon expresses, “There is no competition, only a desire to share one’s knowledge while seeking to become a better programmer oneself.” Instead of normal schooling, like assignments or tests, they have projects which the students pick themselves. I feel that a lot of creativity comes out of it because your not constricted by guidelines of an assignment or test where you need to only learn or study what they tell you. With normal assignments or tests, you are pretty much just memorizing the facts to spit them out on a test. With the self selected projects, they can ask other students for their input or help, so it’s like added knowledge which can make the project even better.  I really like how they offered grants to women to attend this hacker school. I feel like the opportunity to dive into a field that really is woman dominated is a great chance to be successful. New York is an expensive place to live so the grant is like a dream come true. The story of Betsy Cannon is really inspirational. For starters, she seems like a real intelligent woman. The fact that she found her love for programming her senior year in college, and took more CS classes was neat. What was really inspirational was her pursuing her passion of programming and applying to hacker school. Most people are real passionate about something that may not be in their degree plan, so most of the time will just put their passion aside. Even though, most people when they graduate college go straight into a job , she went with her instinct and went to hacker school for her love of programming. It’s admirable because she moved turned down a job offer,move to  the opposite side of the country, and just went for it. Her experience at Hacker School will stay with her forever and now has a better knowledge and practice with programming. Her passion and story of Hacker School will influence other women that love it as well to apply to Hacker School and add more women to the field. This could possibly be the start of an influx of women into the field of programming. Hacker School has a bright future ahead of them and should be excited about what is to come. “Diversity in terms of gender, race, sexual orientation, educational background, and nationality is one of the greatest parts of Hacker School. It is rare to find such an intelligent, eclectic mix of people learning from and teaching each other.” Who knows who the next great woman hacker will be!


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