Hacking Rhetoric

Life hack?


Every week this class has expanded my knowledge in ways I didn’t think possible and has started to impact it extremely quickly.  Maybe before I just wasn’t aware or just didn’t pay much attention, but I sure am noticing now.  For example, after Monday when we talked briefly about Tech Shop in San Francisco where people come together and learn how to develop their skills and at times invent new ways to change the way we live, I walked away being very interested in it but I was under the impression that since it was only in San Francisco that it was just a pipe dream.  Then on September 11, UT hosted a banquet for student veterans and Tech Shop was one of the representatives that attended!  They were offering veterans one year free membership and $365 dollars starting in January to attend their facility up in Round Rock.  I am already planning on going up there this month to just check it out and seeing what I has to offer.  If anyone is interested here is the link: http://www.techshop.ws/austin_round_rock.html  When I asked why Tech Shop was doing such a great offer the rep just said that it was a way to reach out to veterans and help them reinvent themselves by learning new skills that makes them even more of a catch.  So then I thought, would this be considered a life hack for veterans?  To take veterans who typically have a certain skill set and in a sense reinvent them for better?  I know we usually talk about hacking as in code or in the case of Wednesday as ways to make life easier; but would it be possible to use the term as well as to improve someone? 


2 thoughts on “Life hack?

  1. I think that you’re right in thinking that it is a life hack for veterans. In a way, making life easier for veterans is to improve their skills and themselves. They are modifying themselves for the better. It’s a great thing that Tech Shop is doing this for the veterans.

  2. That’s pretty cool that Tech Shop has this opportunity for veterans. Sometimes their particular skills set remain idle and it’s great that they’re able to put them to use in a creative, progressive way. Veterans could apply their skills to do all sorts of out-of-the-ordinary things. I would definitely consider that a life hack.

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