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Red – Sept 15

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I had never heard of the term “Ikea hack” before until last class. I was wondering if it really had something to do with the furniture store Ikea or if it meant something else. The Ikea Hackers website was an eye opener for me. I have never seen furniture objects being used for another purpose to make things cheaper or better. This just proves to me that there are alternatives to things that you thought you had to buy. The Hacker School Experience was a great article. In some people’s eyes, it might look to be very feminist to give grants to women only. However, I see it in the other perspective that they are trying to incorporate more women into the field of computer science. I believe the trend in the U.S. overall now is that genders in the CS field still has a persistent gap between women and men. The stereotypical view on computer science might have an effect on why females do not want to increase their knowledge or get a career in this field. The school implies that it is all about creativity, being collective as a whole, and learning about things that interest you. It is great that there are no grades or assignments that have deadlines compared to regular universities. It excludes a great amount of pressure and allows people to fully enjoy this hacker school with whatever they decide to do.


One thought on “Red – Sept 15

  1. I was wondering the same thing in class if it was Ikea the store or not!

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