Hacking Rhetoric

Blue Post Week 2- Hayley Gruwer

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This last week of class has taught me many things about hacking in general.  From Monday’s discussion and readings, I thought about hacking in a different light.  When first asked if I believed that hacking meant changing anything, such as adjusting the light of an oven or using recycled goods to make a bracelet, my thoughts turned into an automatic “no, of course not.”  However, after hearing other people’s perspectives by the end of class, I had changed my mind.  Hacking is open to interpretation and can be defined in numerous ways.  I do believe that hacking can be changing or adjusting anything to work for a purpose that it is not intended to work for.  This discussion has caused me to be more open-minded when it comes to the definition of hacking.  I also enjoyed today’s class.  It was very interesting to see the use of social media when it comes to learning about current topics.  I have never used my twitter for education purposes or to look up information about current events.  In less than an hour, I learned so much about #TransH4ck just from reading different people’s tweets.  The amount of work that the participants of TransH4ck got done in just a few sleepless days is incredible!  I’m going to continue to use social media, especially Twitter, to become more knowledgable of the news going on around me!


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