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[Blue] MinChul Han – Post 2

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The discussion about no grading in learning environment actually interested me very much in our last class. I have actually thought about this issue a few times before the discussion took place and my conclusion always was that not grading someone will actually boost the learning ability of the students. Grades are what keep many of those attending school on the track of the right path but grades also actually pretty much provide stress to those people. If there are no grades from the first place, the students who are not willing to learn anything will of course fall back behind but those students who want to learn what’s being taught in class will more easily absorb the right knowledge in no stress environment. These students will not let go of their learning since they have the urge to study new information. I think grades actually restrict the freedom of thinking for some of the people because of the grading rubric. To get the right grade, students follow procedures and think only inside the rubric so that they can include needed information in achieving a grade. However, letting the imagination freely wonder will arouse better ideas and better thoughts. Students will not study knowledge that they will forget after taking an exam or a quiz but selectively collect what’s needed for them.


One thought on “[Blue] MinChul Han – Post 2

  1. In my opinion, the idea of no grades works very well in Hacker School because the people there are volunteers, while the people in standard universities are mostly getting their degree not necessarily to learn, but mostly to get a job. Having no grades might work in an upper division major specific course, but in a core class like intro biology, it would be a deterrent to learning. It mostly depends on the work ethic of the people involved; I could do well in a no-grades class right now, but the version of me that existed two semesters ago would take that as an opportunity to never show up to class.

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