Hacking Rhetoric

Blue Post 2: Twitter & Social Media


During today’s Twitter explorations, I’ve realized just how powerful social media websites can be.  Anytime someone has an idea or comment, they can let the whole world know with a few taps of their hands.  Websites, like Twitter, have even made it easier to accumulate knowledge over specific topics through the integration of their hashtag system.   Although social media can be extremely resourceful for spreading news quickly it does have its downfalls.  Sometimes material is thrown out misleadingly, causing false or skewed information to spread.  It is even worse when people readily believe this information without verifying the content through other reliable sources.  I, myself, am a culprit of getting a good chunk of my daily news from what I see friends and family posting on websites such as Facebook (which I readily believe).  The main point I am trying to make here is that social media can be an extremely useful device for learning about current events; you should, however, recheck if the information is correct through other trusted sources before crediting them. 


3 thoughts on “Blue Post 2: Twitter & Social Media

  1. Hey, I thought the same way when we utilized Twitter in class. Social media has become really strong so that people can throw ideas freely to each other in a very comfortable manner. However since sharing information has become easier, those information should be more carefully selected and should be thought over when presented on the web.

  2. Social media like twitter can be very useful but can go bad in seconds. If someone were to tweet wrong information, a lot of people could suffer from it. Twitter has its pros and cons to it.

  3. I think it’s far easier to spread misleading information on Twitter than it is on Facebook, partly because people tweet breaking news more often than they post it on Facebook. An avid Twitter user may able to see news the moment it breaks, but those on Facebook see the article after it has been passed on for a bit.

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