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I knew I shouldn’t trust clouded apps. Nowadays many companies provide cloud services, for example, Google Play. By simply registering a Google account you can enjoy movies and music with any PC and tablets. Obviously these services are enjoyable, but are they safe to use? When someone has access to your account, you might lose all the information stored by the could server and ,even worse, lose the ability to access your own device. I read an article on wired.com says that the author had his Google account taken over by someone, then he lost his Twitter account because he used Gmail account to register on Twitter. Latter he lost control of his Apple ID and finally all data on his iPhone, iPad and MacBook was wiped off.

Read the article for more information about the author’s experience.



6 thoughts on “Woody weekly

  1. Just to notify anyone who’s interested in this event: we will be talking about it at length in a few weeks’ time as it’s one of our assigned readings / case studies.

    Definitely an interesting piece, Woody; I expect you’ll have a lot to say about it when we get to that week if personal data security is something you want to continue to explore this semester.

  2. Yeah, the cloud can be a very awesome thing but it is very nerve-wracking to think that you could lose all of your information in an instant. I remember spending several months in an MIS class learning about the cloud and how it works. Basically, you save all of your information on a remote server and retrieve it when needed. This is good for people who don’t have much space on their mobile devices but can also be bad because they would need to have internet access to reach anything they placed in the cloud.

  3. The thing I liked so much about this piece is that the level of technical expertise required to carry out these attacks is virtually nil. The only things required to do this are a risk-taking personality, a boatload of malice, and a telephone (preferably one that isn’t traceable). There is a recurring theme in the security business that people will *always* be the weakest link in any security system — from federal employees working on top-secret DoD material that are ignorant enough to put a flashdrive they found in the parking lot into their machine (and thus give the bad guys access to the entire top-secret network), to the customer service system at Amazon having some wicked business logic flaws (add a card to your account, then use that brand new card for authentication? Really Amazon?!). Some of the most famous hackers in history (Kevin Mitnick, for example) have not been known for their exceptional technical abilities, but rather for their ability to manipulate people.

  4. I now hate cloud apps. Last week my phone misplaced and my friends convinced me to delete everything from iCloud. After waiting a few hours I did since my phone appeared to be stolen. Later that day a girl messaged me that she had my phone. When I got my phone back everything was erased. If it was not for the clouded apps I would still have everything on my phone! Oh apple!

    • Hi Beck, This is Woody, I missed Wednesday class because I wasn’t feeling good. I couldn’t sleep at night for a whole week, probably had 4 hours of sleep each night. I will put myself together and not miss class anymore. I have read about the change of weekly post, and I want to ask if there is any requirement for the summary 2. It’s 4 am now I’m still struggling to fall asleep. I’m sorry should have talk to you sooner.


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