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Cayla Sher Post 2 Blue


Yesterday in class we did something different than you would do in most classes. We tweeted! I would consider myself someone who loves to tweet. I very much enjoy reading my Twitter Newsfeed for not only the people I follow but just what’s happening on Twitter which is really just what people are thinking around the world. It was a fun and interesting day in class. We found tweets using the hashtag #transh4ck about the transgender hackathon that happened over the weekend. It was so intriguing to see how Twitter was used for this and how we found so much information just off of Twitter. I replied to quite a few tweets and even got a very appreciative response. It’s really awesome how a website like Twitter can connect people worldwide! Exploring hacking on Twitter by using hashtags was very hip.


2 thoughts on “Cayla Sher Post 2 Blue

  1. I am also a twitter addict, I have so much fun connecting twitter to class topics yesterday as well. Twitter is so great to keep up with news and friend updates.

  2. I love twitter too and have been using it for a couple of years now– yet I was still totally blown away seeing it action in class monday! It is truly amazing how we could interact w the transh4ck hackers.

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