Hacking Rhetoric

weekly post #2


I’ve been really interested in all of our discussions in class, but I think that my favorite topic was last week when we talked about life hacks.  I think that life hacks are so cool and I really enjoy learning about random little tricks that can be incorporated into my daily life.  It’s fun to do a task a little bit differently to save you a little bit of time or money.  I found this cool website that has a lot of really cool tricks that I wish I would have thought of myself that can make your life a little bit simpler.


I think that the term “life hack” is similar to the more technological definition of hack which involves computers and programs.  A life hack is just a shortcut allows you to do something in a slightly different way, someone who comes up with a life hack, uses innovation to solve a problem and make their lives easier.  This is essentially what someone is doing when they hack a computer.  They are trying use computers to solve a problem to benefit themselves or possibly to help others, and they both are creative applications of ingenuity.


2 thoughts on “weekly post #2

  1. I am going to have to agree with you on life hacks, they too are my favorite since they leave me in awing at what I could have done all this time to make my life easier. As a result, this has made me a bit more curious on what else I could do around my apartment, and feel the urge to be on the look out for new opportunities. Ironically, I had to open a new USB that I just bought and I tried it with the can opener, and it worked! Thanks for posting the link, I am going to try a few other ones.

  2. I’m obsessed with lifehacks as well. Anything that makes a process simpler, more effective, or faster, I welcome into my repertoire of lifehacks. I also agree with your comparison of lifehacks to actual hacks. Hackers most of the time are essentially manipulating an environment in order to bypass protocols that are normally required. Essentially making the process simpler, more effective or faster (same as lifehacks). My favorite source of lifehacks is reddit’s subreddit “lifehacks” at http://www.reddit.com/r/lifehacks/top/. I like this source the most because hundreds of people have commented on each life hack adding in their own modifications to make the hack even more effective.

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