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Hayley Gruwer- Blog 3: Life Hacker

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While reading different articles on Life Hack, one thing stood out to me.  This article was about the different things you can do with command hooks.  I recently bought a pack of command hooks at Target, and I haven’t been able to decide what to use them for.  I decided that I’m going to use these hooks in uncommon ways that I learned about from this article.  I am going to use them to mount my toothbrush, hide my cable cords, and hang my headphones!  I am going to try using my command hooks in these ways for the next week, starting today!  Hopefully, these will be very effective and cause me to be more organized!  The link to this article is: http://lifehacker.com/15-brilliant-things-you-can-do-with-command-hooks-1355369802@whitsongordon.



One thought on “Hayley Gruwer- Blog 3: Life Hacker

  1. You’re going to be so organized Hayley! I should try this!

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