Hacking Rhetoric

My lifehack of the week: Motion v action

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This article puts simply into effect Nike’s slogan: “Just do it!”  It defines “motion” along the lines of making plans for a later action.  In reality, a lot of the time when we do plan or go through the motion of preparation we never really achieve our goals or if we do it’s rare or just partial.  Instead the article tells us to just do it because by actually doing it, we can achieve results, even if they are small baby steps.  

I want to try this lifehack and add it to my weight loss program.  So far since school started I’ve only lost 7 pounds, but as the assignments start stacking I am finding myself more and more unwilling to go to the gym.  But I’ll try small workouts here and there throughout my day and see if I can make more progress than I do trying to set aside an hour or two.  Also will try with my homework and not try to bulk the load up on a set day or afternoon.


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