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For awhile now, I’ve been planning to pack a lunch every day … with varying degrees of success. The box of assorted granola bars and fruit next to the front door has helped a lot (I call it the ‘Oh God I’m So Late’ box, since it frequently provides breakfast in those scenarios) — but I’ve followed a Lifehacker tip for people who hate cooking and gave up my Sunday afternoon to pre-preparing a week’s worth of lunches; which is to say, my freezer is now full of sandwiches. That was a one-off thing, though, which didn’t seem to fit with our one-week life-hack challenge, so I’m also …

Hacking my planner


Two core principles:

1. Write everything down in the damn thing.

2. Use that nice blank page for a to-do list I can and will use.

Like Cayla, I’m going for a priority list of three core items (on days with fewer commitments, maybe a 3+2 list).

I found this tip by following a string of links: I started out with ‘Top 10 Ways to Make This School Year Your Most Productive Yet‘ and followed a link to a ‘Back to Basics’ column on simplifying your to-do list. The 20 item limit they suggested first didn’t strike me as particularly simple, so I’m going for three.



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