Hacking Rhetoric

Cayla Life Hack post 1

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Today I read on lifehack.org a really interesting phrase. “Before you go to bed, write down only 3 things that you want to do the following day. This is how to prioritize.” Tonight before I got to bed I am going to try this out. I am going to write down the three most important things for me to get done tomorrow and then tomorrow night I am going to hopefully have accomplished them. I hope this works. This reminds me of something my drama teacher told me to do in 8th grade. She said to put your test reviews under your pillow that you sleep on and that is the best way to make sure the material is in your head. I tried this for an American History test that I ended up getting a 99 on. I barely looked at the review and just put it under my pillow like my drama teacher had said would work. I tried this again on another test and it didn’t work out so well. This is a different type of Life Hack that I think has a better chance of working. I can’t wait to see in 24 hours how it worked out! #LifeHacks


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