Hacking Rhetoric

Life Hack: How Your Memory Works

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One of things I’ve always wanted to improve upon, but didn’t know how, was my memory. I have a fear that one day I won’t be able to remember any of my past memories, so I make it a point to write down certain experiences that I want to make sure I never forget. (Although, I have been told that once an experience is written, that memory becomes distorted forever. I can’t remember why, but that thought scares me.) The article I found on lifehacker states, “The function of memory has so many more applications, too—public speaking, schoolwork, studying, research, the list goes on and on.” This week I’m going to try to improve my memory so that I can recall not only memories, but also to enhance my studying. I’ve noticed that I often remember information only for upcoming exams and then it all erases from my mind as soon as the exam is over. Hopefully these techniques are helpful!



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