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Annotated Bibliography Review

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As promised, I’ve put together a few different documents you might like to use in reviewing each other’s annotated bibliographies tomorrow (or, indeed, as you continue to work on your drafts today and later this week).

The first document is a series of questions which reviewers can use as a basis for putting together feedback for authors, and which authors can use as a guide in reflecting on their own work.

The second document is a simple checklist of key attributes — it’s not a rubric and the attributes aren’t in any kind of priority order, but lots of people like scales as a visual reference to get an overall impression.

Right-click and save-as to download whatever file will work for how you’re reviewing today:

Printable version of documents (direct link to PDF)

Editable version of documents (direct link to .doc)

Printable version with space for you to write on a hard copy (direct link to PDF)

I’d recommend starting with those guiding questions and creating written feedback for your reviewing partner so that you each have something to refer to as you revise your current draft and/or add to it before Wednesday’s deadline. I definitely recommend spending some time reflecting on your own work before and as you revise — it will make your work stronger and you can roll this into your Learning Record observations. You can also submit these documents to me with your final version of the bibliography; it helps me by giving me an idea of your priorities and focus, but it’s not required (for this assignment, anyway).


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