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Lifehack: Napping (And why it’s hard)

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Hey all,

So, the lifehack I attempted this week was to work naps into my schedule (I targeted 60-minute naps each day). Unfortunately I have found that this is pretty hard to do — I only successfully took a nap on 2/5 days (and even those I wasn’t really able to control the length). Frankly, it’s hard to get used to a nap in the middle of the day — no matter how tired you are, it can be surprisingly hard to go to sleep. Additionally, a lot of the places on campus I thought would be good for napping just aren’t — there’s always some kind of distraction (or homework to do). In the future, I may try this again when my schedule is a bit more flexible, but for now it seems like a pipe dream to catch a quick midday nap and wake up feeling rested and alert.


One thought on “Lifehack: Napping (And why it’s hard)

  1. Taking naps every day sounds amazing, but I can totally see where why it would be hard to actually do. Starting to take daily naps would seems like it would be surprisingly difficult because of the fact that we have so much to do every day. Also, I bet it is hard to get your body to adjust to sleeping in the middle of the day. 2/5 isn’t bad though!

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