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Sammy R. End of week update for LifeHack

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My Life hack was how to get quality sleep. The steps I had to take to achieve this was pretty simple in some ways. I had to workout but not too late in the day, which was totally okay for me and I did it. I unfortunately couldn’t Wednesday and Thursday because i had tests and was busy studying for them. Another step I had to take was waking up at a consistent time everyday, which I did not achieve because my classes start at different times MWF and T/TH. A big one was to not take a nap. I was doing so good, then Tuesday I caved in and took a nap. IT was just too hard to resist. It also entailed smaller meals in the evening for dinner. For the most part, I had smaller dinners, but some nights I was just so hungry that I ended up eating a big meal. Even though I didn’t successfully practice each step, I did notice a change in my quality of sleep. I think if I would have gone with this 100% it would have been an even bigger improvement on my sleep. I think this life hack is a good reminder to take care of our bodies and work with our routines to ensure good quality sleep at night, which is something we all need now a days.


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