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Life Hack Result

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As my life hack experiment this week, I tried out the spring that can protect my smartphone charger. I wrapped the spring obtainned from a thrown away pen on the conneting part of the charger line and tried out whether the spring could actually protect my charger from breaking. From previous experiences, I knew that my charger stopped working after I pulled the line too strongly and also when I bent the conneting piece for a too long period. I think the life hack was a success regarding these vulnerabilities of the charger itself. Because of the spring, I was not able to disconnect the line just by pulling out the line part. Additionally, the spring prevented the charger connecting piece from bending too far not allowing any chance for the charger to malfunction.



One thought on “Life Hack Result

  1. I should try this! My old chargers all were ruined by stretching them to far. I had to go to the apple store and get new ones. They gave me them for free for the first time but he said next time he wouldn’t give them to me for free again if I had the same problem with the charger being stretched out.

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