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I’ve been playing with my iPhone Siri for the last week and it turned out to be an interesting experience. with the IOS7 upgrade, Siri has been improved a lot, a lot of new features are added, however, I think its design is still immature. Starting with the new tone system, now iPhone users can switch Siri’s voice into a male’s voice; also they can set language into specific dialect, for example for Chinese users can choose between mandarin and cantonese. When it comes to names, Siri will ask users how they prefer to pronounce each name, and have them choose their favourite between three differnt tones.  Personally, I think this feature isn’t as useful as it seems to be becuase it takes too much time to teach Siri how to pronounce each name. Also Siri cannot recognize any word from languages that aren’t the one selected. As an international student who has half of his contact info written in Chinese, I feel the tone mechanism completetly useless.

Anyway, it is still fun to play with Siri. Following is an epic chat between me and Siri.

“Tell me a joke Siri”

“Two iPhones walk into a bar… I forget the rest.”

“Your are racist”

“You’re certainly entitled to that opinion.”

“And you’re useless”

“After all I’ve done for you?”

“Yes you’re still useless”


“What do you have to say”

“I can’t answer that”

“Why you can’t answer that?”

” We were talking about you, not me.”

It was a hell lot of fun.



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