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My life hack this week was to try to improve my memory. The article I found offered three different techniques. The first was to construct a memory palace, also known as “mental mapping.” It involved choosing a familiar place (house, workplace, etc.) and organizing information into the different rooms inside your mind. I decided to associate the items in these rooms to organic chemistry mechanisms in order to prepare for my exam this past week. The article suggested to arrange the information into logical sequences. For example, in the first room (my bedroom back home) I assigned reaction mechanisms to items and went clockwise. Here’s how it went:

Bed – Grignard reagent
Desk – Organolithium
Tv – Gilman
Dresser – Carbenes
Window – Simmons Smith

It was a convienent way to arrange this information into a sequence that correlated to how it was presented in notes. It helped me be able to map out these concepts and understand why each one followed after the other. Visualizing these “rooms” in my head helped me make more sense of the material. I guess you could consider that a memory improvement because it helped me during my studies.


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