Hacking Rhetoric

Life hack update



Well, I did make a to-do list every day. Not always in advance; not always three items; and I didn’t always get through it. There’s an unchecked item for Tuesday that’s on my radar for today that kept getting pushed over because I didn’t want to bring the book to campus.

My biggest issue was that prioritising three things didn’t work for the way I work and the kind of tasks I have — it would lend itself to someone with discrete tasks, but much of my workload is ongoing items that are hard to break up into smaller benchmarks … and certainly into one-day benchmarks. As a result, this list is mostly low-hanging fruit — albeit low-hanging fruit that I would very possibly have let slip for way too long if I hadn’t written it down. I’m trying it again this week to see if I can fine-tune it for me and my life.


2 thoughts on “Life hack update

  1. Is there a reason for the color code? Does that impact what gets done and what doesn’t?

    • Nah — nothing that complicated. I just have a lot of coloured pens and I didn’t write the lists all at once, so different items are in whichever colour ink fell most readily to hand.

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