Hacking Rhetoric

Life Hack Update


Basically, I’m an abysmal failure, but not because I didn’t try. It’s more because I tried too hard and it made it impossible to do. I’ll remind you my hack was to treat school like a 9-5 job, whereby I do school and only school from 9-5 and treat it seriously. So, first couple of days went well. Then, I had a CS project to do. I usually go to bed around 9 pm. I got so into this project that I didn’t work on it from 9-5. No, I worked on it from 9 am til 3 am. I stayed up all night working on it. I completely screwed up my sleep schedule. I’ve been going to be around 2 pm and waking up at 10 pm now. Therefore, it’s impossible for me to treat school like a 9-5 work day when I am asleep for a portion of it.
So basically, I’m a failure. The life hack might work, but not on me. It didn’t change my mentality much at all.


2 thoughts on “Life Hack Update

  1. Something to ponder, Josh: is the goal to work from 9-5 precisely every day … or is it to work consistently for 8 hours every day? For me, it isn’t realistic to say I’m going to work 9-5 every day — but it is feasible to say I’m going to work 11-7 every day, which balances the demands of my body clock (left to my own devices, I see a lot of the wrong side of 2am) with the demands of operating in the 9-5 world of the university.

  2. I definitely agree, the goal was to work 8 hours a day. So yeah, I could’ve stuck to it despite me being off schedule, but it still threw me off! I worked for way more than 8 hours on one day, and then I had to sleep, and so I couldn’t work a full 8 hours the following day, and when I tried to get back to working 8 hours a day despite the weird sleeping schedule, I couldn’t get in the right mindset. I tried to tell myself, “this is a job, 8 hours a day”, but It doesn’t change my mind much at all. I either work more than I should, or barely at all. It’s really hit or miss with me even when I have this in the back of my head.

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