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After trying my life hack for over a week now, i have decide to continue using my life hack.  I have wall hangers that I have been using for different things, such as holding my wires (from my computer, printer, etc) together and hanging my sunglasses and things that aren’t usually done with these hangers.  They have become very convenient, and they have caused me to be more organized with my room and belongings.  I would have never thought to use my extra hangers in this way unless I saw it online.  It would be really interesting to keep finding life hacks that I could apply to my life.  I have heard many students in class discuss life hacks that they are trying or that they have heard about, so I think there are many other life hacks that I am going to try out.  It is very interesting changing my outlook on how hacking has gone from being somebody on their computer logging onto someone else’s Facebook to just using an appliance for something it is not originally intended for.  If this is the case, then now I am officially a hacker!


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