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Life Hack Results

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The life hack that I tried were “7 tips to function better when you’re tired,” which was an article that I found on lifehack.org.  I have a huge problem with not sleeping enough at night, so I thought I would try something other than coffee to help me deal with fatigue I get throughout the day.  I had a hell week that week, so I was not able to try out all 7 tips tips, but I think I tried the important ones; I tried to get exercise, drink more water, eat good food and listen to music.  At first these kind of seemed like tips that would help anyone maintain a healthy life style, but I tried to put one of these into action every time I started getting drowsy.  The tips that I found most helpful were the drink more water and get exercise because they would really wake me up and give me a fresh start that allowed me to accomplish more tasks.  Whenever I would take a break and run for a little bit or do a few push-ups and sit-ups, I could really feel my body and brain wake up.  Taking frequent water breaks also allowed me to become more alert which gave me the energy I needed to continue with my day.  Over all, I think my life hacking week was successful and as cheesy as it may sound, I’m actually going to use these tips in the future.


One thought on “Life Hack Results

  1. I’ll give these a try. I’ve been feeling sluggish and exhausted lately. Hopefully, this will help.

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