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Ethical hacking has been a questionable topic that I cannot completely take a side. In the last class, the Facebook hack from Shreateh was a good example. I feel like it was justifiable that he went through this extreme measure to get Facebook’s attention after their unprofessional attitude of a reply that is only one sentence “This is not a bug”.  On the other hand, his screenshots were not detailed enough to reproduce the bug he contacted them about in the first place. I feel like both sides have their good reasons to defend themselves. For the next readings, this topic comes to mind again. Manning gave away classified information of the U.S. military to WikiLeaks. Justifiable or not justifiable? According to WikiLeaks, their broad purpose is to defend the freedom of speech and let the people living in the U.S. hear the real truth from original pieces of information. It sounds great that the first amendment is being upheld. But is there a cost? The information that had been leaked or will be leaked could lead to unforeseen serious consequences. It’s hard to choose a side. Some citizens want the truth. Some want to keep living the “ignorance is bliss” life, and some don’t want to compromise security that would harm even more people in the end.


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