Hacking Rhetoric

[Blue] MinChul Han – Post 3

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An app that can protect smartphone users from getting smishing attacks has been developed recently. I bring this up to issue just because I was getting a lot of smishing SMS during the past two weeks. I am not sure what I did before these past two weeks but I got an abnormal number of messages that contained unknown URLs in the context. I rarely received such SMS, maybe one per month, but I was getting at least four per week. Thus, I wanted to find a way to protect myself from giving away personal information stored in my smartphone. I could just be careful by not clicking on the URLs but you never know what will happen. I might accidently click on it one day in my sleeps and my information will be just out there from then on. The app I found got developed recently and it does just the things that I want it to. It scans the SMS in prior and also scans the website that has the URL sent by the hackers. If the website contains anything that could harm, the app automatically alerts the user to delete the message fast. Until now, I am finding this app very useful.


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