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This week I wanted to explore unusual hacking stories. One I came across was a hacker gaining access into a 2yr old’s baby monitor in suburban Houston. The parents heard a strange voice in their children’s bedroom and found that it was coming from a camera they use to monitor the children. The hacker was calling her by name and shouting profanity and insults. When the parents entered the room, the camera swiveled to face them and began speaking directly to them–so terrifying. Security experts comment that some baby monitors are built with security in mind, but also try to be convenient for the parents to use; so this leads to some less high-tech security.

This story was an eye opener for me. I would never suspect someone watching me through my computer web cam or any other device. But when you think about it, it’s not like that hacker was looking for Allyson specifically–he just came across her because the security allowed him to. So, even if you don’t think anyone’s out to get you, by being unaware of your security, you can quickly become an easy target.


4 thoughts on “Weekly blog post

  1. That is scary. I think I should cover up my webcam on my laptop with some kind of tape to prevent this from happening.

  2. I tweeted this story a few weeks back! I can’t believe someone wanted to yell profanities at a baby. Not sure if it is true or not but when I brought this story up to my friend, he said he had heard about it and that ironically enough… the baby was deaf lol

  3. That is just wrong….and scary. Baby monitors are usually just harmless electronics to me that can help parents look after their kids. I don’t know if that’s even preventable.

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