Hacking Rhetoric

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This has less to do with hacking directly, and more to do with my project personally. I am dealing with Cyberpunk and how it effects our perception of the world and hackers. This is a great case of this. Private companies are taking our information and there is a sudden outcry. Where does this fear of our “private” information come from. Much of it has to do with Cyberpunk novels. These novels always talk about a government, or big company taking over the world and creating a dystopic future because of their control over every aspect of life. They have all your information and can use it to keep you down. “Big Brother” is what they say in the beginning of the article. It reminds me of 1984. Yet Anonymous release private information of big companies they don’t like all the time, and that is justified. We’re scared of such powerful entities knowing everything. I find it curious. Why are we so scared?


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