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Anonymous Videos

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I found so many things interesting about the videos by and about Anonymous. They used a computerized voice to mask their own. I just think that is them trying to be more computerized. The Video on the History of Anonymous was scary to me. The masks that they wear in public are intimidating. I can’t tell if Anonymous is for the greater good or if they are evil. Reading about Anonymous in some blogs it sounds like they like to take down bad governments. I would love to research and learn more about the hacking group. 


One thought on “Anonymous Videos

  1. From what I understand on the subject, the goal of Anonymous is for them to actually be anonymous, and for there to be no leader. Anyone can post as Anonymous and it carries the same force, which is why they hide their voice. It makes whoever made this particular video both untraceable and indistinguishable from anyone else claiming to speak on Anonymous’s behalf. And as for the masks (Guy Fawkes masks), they are supposed to be more comical than frightening, another attempt to hide themselves while also giving nods to Guy Fawkes and the movie V for Vendetta, an interesting take on anarchy and tyranny set in the near future in England.

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