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Late post on my week of life hacks! This week I attempted to hack the universe within– my brain. I utilized suggested memory techniques from lifehacker while studying for two midterms.http://lifehacker.com/how-your-memory-works-and-three-ways-to-improve-it-1370487727 When it came time to take the test, the technique I ended up implementing most was ‘verbatim memorization”. This memory hack was somewhat risky in that I felt it utilized the most ‘brain space’ as well as time. The key to this memory technique is choosing the specific memorization target– which information will prove most relevant to the test. Though it took time and effort, the questions I answered thanks to this hack made it worth wile. I also feel that I have retained the studied material far better than if I had just ‘crammed’ it all in there. I believe the effects of this hack will be long lasting and prove to strengthen my comprehension of forthcoming concepts.

After hacking the mind all week, I wanted to try hacking an object I interact with every day– my french press. I was interested in some french press hacks as I had been trying out cold brewing as well as using my press to make maté. I stumbled upon this site, http://drinks.seriouseats.com/2013/05/randall-at-home-use-a-french-press-to-infuse-beer-with-hops-spices-cocoa-nibs.html, and knew I had to attempt this hack. I thoroughly enjoy sampling new, exciting libations of the beer variety. The grapefruit ginger infused IPA looked particularly appealing to me.

Step 1:  Zest grapefruit and ginger

Step 1: Zest grapefruit and ginger

Add zest and some grapefruit to the press, pour in IPA of your choosing.


Let fruit, zest, and beer steep. Instructions suggested 3 minute wait, but we had better success with a 2 minute steeping period; the beer’s carbonation was better preserved this way.

Now... press!!

Now… press!


A delicious IPA with refreshing, vibrant citrus notes.

A delicious IPA with refreshing, vibrant citrus notes courtesy of a hacked french press!

I decided to hack this post for no reason other than I love beer (of course) and I definitely want to try this hack at home. Live Oak Hef and Blue Moon are two of my favorite beers which are zesty and citrus flavored- so I am excited to try this! I don’t have a french press but I have a friend that does and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind letting me borrow it.

I also will give the memory hack a try- having multiple exams in a week is definitely stressful for all of us. I am guilty of cramming the night before an exam and always tell myself that “I do better under pressure” but that is probably not true. Maybe after a stressful finals week, I can try the beer hack.

I chose this blog post because life hacks are my favorite category of hacking. Life hacks can be done by virtually anybody and are there to make life easier and more efficient for people of all ages. I was pretty nervous when I enrolled for this class because I am not exactly the best with computers and technology but I found my place in the hacking world through life hacks.

Your hacker
(Meagan Milligan)


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  1. This is really cool! Memory is so important in college that I’m sure finding any way to improve it would significantly help you out! Trying these hacks during a week when you have two midterms seems a little risky, but I’m glad that everything worked out! I need to try these!

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