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Brain Hacking and Semi-Illegal Drugs


After my previous post regarding apple juice and acetylcholine, I decided to look into other ways people have attempted to hack their brains with chemicals. I came across an article talking about “neuroenhancers” like Adderall (amphetamine) or Ritalin (methylphenidate) that can increase brain function and productivity. The article talked about the legitimacy of using these smart drugs and the situations in which they were currently being used. These stimulants and nootropics, which are often used to treat ADHD in children and adults, are known to have nasty side effects and high potential of abuse and addiction. On the other hand, they can ramp up the brain’s ability to focus and speed up efficiency in simple and complex tasks, and can effectively soothe the errant behavior of people diagnosed with ADHD. The question of whether smart drugs are a smart choice is difficult to answer, and the article poses some interesting scenarios. While these drugs are normally only available for people with disorders, in other countries they are unregulated and anyone who wants to work harder can use them. In India, a country famous for outsourced jobs, workers will do whatever it takes to make money and that includes stimulants. American workers might have to abuse illicit drugs to get a competitive edge over Indian rivals, or they risk losing their job. The article, and the article it links to, are interesting reads.



2 thoughts on “Brain Hacking and Semi-Illegal Drugs

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  2. The above “pingback”, or response to my blog post, is an article about how Adderall is being used to mind control inner-city children. The article come’s from a conspiracy theory blog called Talesfromthelou. I’m not exactly sure why or how they found my blog post, but they responded very quickly… Interesting.

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