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Manning Discussion

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After our class discussion over the Manning situation, I was a bit torn. Yes, most likely, psychological impacts affected his psyche, but shouldn’t he have been more aware of what his job entailed when he applied for it? There was a point made in class where he would not have ever known what he signed up for, but one cannot simply reveal highly sensitive material just because he or she feels “isolated” or “lonely”. Out of all of his coworkers he could’ve spoken to, to alleviate his emotional state, he decided to speak to a stranger, and criminal hacker, about private US information. Yes, I do think that the information he gave away was shocking, something that definitely should have been made known to the public, but, if he was going to reveal it he could’ve thought out the process better.  If he really wanted to reveal this information for the public good, rather than for his own intentions, it would have garnered more support from civilians which could have possibly reduced his sentence further.  He could’ve done this by directly sending out this private information to the public rather then through a discrete source (although I’m sure there are stipulations to this method as well). 


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